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Taking the step towards getting your High School Diploma is a very important decision. Yet, it is also very rewarding! We understand the great need of acquiring a good education and now you can do it through American International School. With this in mind, our school was designed to help you achieve just that. We provide you with the highest of academic excellence; which in turn, will allow you to get a fresh start towards securing a good future and a better job.

American International School offers you an affordable High School Completion Program that will allow you to earn your High School Diploma in a shorter time span. We provide you with an Academic Dean, a local phone number for academic support and all of the study materials you need. Your Academic Dean will work with you to help you achieve your High School Diploma. We know that education opens doors for a brighter future and provides you with a sense of accomplishment.

We customize each lesson to fit your academic needs. Our committed teachers and staff will work closely with you to make sure everything goes smoothly and that all of your paper work is in order. Courses include themed lessons for subjects such as: English, Grammar, Spelling, Mathematics, American History, Science, Writing, Reading Comprehension and American Literature. All of these course credits are what is required by Department of Education for graduation. We also provide you with updated progress reports, if needed.

There are no obstacles at American International School. We take your academic needs seriously and at AIS, you are considered family. We make your dreams and goals a priority.

Therefore, I welcome you to AIS and may your journey stand for what we stand for:
“Building Strong Minds for Tomorrow’s Future”

Once again welcome to AIS,

Dr. Sarah B, Ed. D., Ph. D.
President and Founder

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“Building Strong Minds for Tomorrow's Future”

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