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1. How long will it take me to complete a course?

Our program is specifically designed for independent study. How fast you complete each course depends totally on you. However, keep in mind that the faster you finish the faster you can take charge of your future. Each course should be completed within a quarter or faster.

2. Will students have flexibility to complete a course at their own pace?

Students have tremendous flexibility around how quickly or slowly they proceed through a course with our self-study courses. With our online courses students have some flexibility pending approval of the support teacher (parent) and class teacher.

3. Are there limits as to how quickly or slowly a student can finish a course?

Our policy is that a full credit course should be completed within a quarter for all home students. Our self-study full credit courses should ideally be completed within a calendar year. Extensions beyond a year for our self-study courses are available.

4. Do I have to take courses in a certain order?

There are some courses that build upon the other so our home classes require that some high school courses are completed before moving to the next level.

5. Can I withdraw at any time?

Yes, please review our refund policy located on the Admissions page.

6. How am I graded?

There are several types of assessments including quizzes, practice test, short answer and essay questions, objective multiple choice exams, and oral examinations. This mix of examinations provides the student, parent and teacher with the ability to monitor a student’s success in their course(s).

7. How many credits are required for completion of high school?

Students must complete a total of 24 credits by their 12th grade year.

8. Are the classes ranked?

Yes, the high school class rank is based on GPA and a straight 4.00 scale. You must maintain a grade point average of 2.5 in order to pass each course.

9. Can I take more than 5 classes?

Yes, but students must receive approval from Administration.

10. How will students be able to communicate with the teacher?

Our system provides the option to communicate verbally or in writing.

11. Does AIS offer Advance Placement (AP) Entrance Exams?

Yes, we offer Advance Placement classes.

12. Is the school accredited?

American International School is a non-public accredited high school, (school number 4989) meeting all state requirements, and registered with the Florida Department of Education,  located in Tallahassee, Florida. In addition, American International School is in compliance with Section 229.808 Florida Statutes requiring the yearly completion of the Florida Department of Education Non-Public School Survey. Our distance learning method is endorsed by the United States Department of Education.

It is also accredited by the: Accrediting Council for Independent Christian Schools, Colleges and Universities.

13. Will I receive a Diploma at graduation?

 Yes, each High School graduate who completes the required credits will receive a High School Diploma at graduation.

14. Will my diploma and transcripts be accepted by colleges and universities?

The acceptance of diplomas from private schools will be subject to the requirements of the receiving educational institution or employer.

15. Who maintains the records?

AIS maintains records of all courses completed and will send a copy of the record to the parents after tuition is paid in full. No Diploma or transcripts will be sent or issued until all financial responsibilities have met.

16. Does AIS offer Self Study courses?

Yes, our curriculum is designed to promote independence in learning.

17. Can I take a single home class without fully enrolling in the school?

Yes, students have the option of taking individual classes according to their personal needs. Due to the fact that our students are long distance learners and all have different needs, we provide flexibility in course selections for all of our single online classes.

18. If I miss a class can it be "made up"?

Yes, a student will receive a “make-up” time, only under an obligated circumstance such as: death of a family (which will require traveling), illness (with doctor’s letter of certification). Each recorded lesson missed will be accepted only after these guidelines have been met and approved by AIS.

19. Can I enroll in American International School if I am living in a foreign country?

Yes, we accept students from all over the world. Transcripts and last report card must be submitted upon enrollment.

20.  Will teacher and students be located in the same area?
Not necessarily. It is our diversity that makes us unique. The student may be located in New York and their teacher may be in Oklahoma.  We assign our classes based on a number of factors including students learning style and pace. All needed assistance is just a phone call or an email away.

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